10 Most Controversial TV Shows Of All Time

south park Television is a curious thing: it can help actors or producers to boost their careers and make themselves known to both audiences and big studios. And if we consider the huge amounts of new actors that come to the screen with hopes of becoming the next big star, you must do something new and unpredictable that will make the people remember you. Well, maybe not too unpredictable. What follows are the 10 most controversial shows of all time, and while some of them might look tame in comparison to newer programs that push the boundaries of what is or isn€™t allowed on TV, we must remember the time in which these programs were released, and how they left their mark in television history...

10. Nearly Everything On MTV

399044-mtv_skins_girl_1_super If I were to put each TV show by MTV individually on this list, they would take at least half of it, and with very good reasons. While most of their programs consist of a bunch of douchebags that probably didn€™t finished elementary school, the content of these programs are the reason of why they€™ve raised a few eyebrows in the past. Whether its because of the themes the program touches, the language used in it or the characters themselves, this shows have left their mark on TV, turning it into a more controversial and stupid place to make yourself famous.
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