10 Most Disturbing Twin Peaks Moments

9. Laura Discovers The Truth About Her Father

Bob Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the story of the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer, was not well received on release, yet it holds all of the clues to the mystery and a particular scene so scary that it demonstrates how comfortably Lynch can switch from surrealist cinema to unfiltered horror.

As Laura makes her way home, after a particularly odd encounter with Mrs. Tremond (in which she receives a painting which could grant her access to The Red Room), she enters her home and makes her way up the stairs to her bedroom. Note the overhead fan revolving above her, generating wind, a sure sign that something terrible is about to happen and a reoccurring motif throughout Twin Peaks. As she slowly opens the door to her bedroom, Laura moves with such trepidation that the tension is palpable.

Lynch takes the rare opportunity to give us a jump-scare.

Suddenly and without warning, there he is; BOB is wedged in between her dresser and the wall. Sheryl Lee lets rip with one of her signature screams and flees the house, only to see her father, Leyland Palmer leaving immediately after. She arrives at the same conclusion as us – BOB and her father are "one and the same". It’s a chilling moment, despite the audience already knowing the identity of the killer, brought to life by a committed and unnerving performance from Lee.

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