10 Most Divisive Doctor Who Episodes

The Who episodes that split the fanbase in two...

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It’s the ever-changing nature of Doctor Who, that has allowed the series to endure since 1963. It’s the show where anything and everything can happen. Every episode takes place in a different time, in a different place and can switch genres at the drop of a fez.

This has allowed for some utterly brilliant storytelling and some episodes that have come out in the ‘New-Who’ era have been absolute gems. But there have also been a couple of universally panned stories that even the most passionate Whovian cannot defend.

Every now and again, though, an episode comes along that splits the fanbase. Episodes that are loved and hated in equal measure. Episodes that have brilliant premises but aren’t quite executed to everyone’s liking.

Whether they are overrated or underrated these are the most Doctor Who episodes of the last 14 years…

10. Fear Her

Doctor Who Fear Her

Fear Her had a lot going against it, even before it aired. Not only was it written and produced at the last minute after a proposed Stephen Fry script failed to materialise, but it also came straight after the universally panned Love and Monsters.

There was a lot for kids to like in this episode, with an alien kidnapping people through children’s drawings, quite a neat concept and the London 2012 Olympic setting also providing a bit of fun, with the 10th Doctor lighting the Olympic torch, a nice touch.

More adult fans were not so keen, however, what with the poor CGI of the scribble monster, as well as some very annoying supporting characters. The power of love being the solution is a terrible way to end any story and this is just one of several episodes which conclude with this.

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