10 Most Divisive Star Trek Moments

These are the times when Trekkies were split down the middle.

Star Trek Generations Kirk

Star Trek has never been afraid to court controversy. It seems that with the rise of social media, there are more people than ever who have come out on one side or another when it comes to decisions made by the writers on what to do with the show - which has given us a new age of discourse on Star Trek.

The points in this list are those that are open to debate as to whether they were necessary or not. Why did one happen, where another might have written it another way. What was the point of X character's death when something else could have served the story better?

Generating these kinds of questions is one of the things that keeps a show from going stale which, in fairness, Star Trek has had the danger of becoming over it's fifty plus year history. With many different timelines, universes and iterations, which are the moments that stand out as the most divisive in the franchise?

10. Spock Screams

Star Trek Generations Kirk
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Star Trek Into Darkness is not a bad film by any means. It may be the weakest of the Abrams films, though there is still plenty to enjoy. Benedict Cumberbatch delivers a more than solid performance as Khan, delivering a more nuanced version of the character than we had seen before.


While there is no crime in switching the 'sacrifice' role from Spock to Kirk, which certainly makes sense in the context of the film, the moment when Spock roars 'Khan' was a moment that is pure marmite - love it or hate it.

While Zachary Quinto delivers an excellent performance as Spock throughout the trilogy, this moment was out of character even for this much more emotional version of Spock (he watched his planet die, he gets a bit of a pass). It breaks the tension of the scene, transforming Kirk's death from a sacrifice to a parody.

Yet there are those that love this moment!


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