10 Most Emotional Game Of Thrones Reunions

George R.R. Martin loves to pull them apart, but the real fun is bringing them back together.


Game of Thrones is basically a show comprised of the bits of action here and there in between heartbreaking (or heartwarming) reunions. And it makes perfect sense - it's out of necessity.

When you're playing a grand game of chess like George R.R. Martin is, you move all of your pieces around the board until they are inevitably brought back together again. But on Game of Thrones, reunions are rather a double-edged sword.

This is generally just because seeing their loved ones again makes characters happy, and when characters are happy in this universe they have the unnerving tendency to die quickly thereafter.

Any character on this show who seems like they're about to get what they've been wishing for (so any of the Starks, really) should sleep with one eye open, that's all we're saying. But despite the risk involved, it's undeniable that seeing these characters who have been torn away from their friends and family for ages finally reuniting is an incredibly cathartic and emotional experience for the audience.

Tears are shed, and there's no way around it. (Contains spoilers through all seven seasons of Game of Thrones.)


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