10 Most Emotional Game Of Thrones Reunions

9. Theon And Yara

Game Of Thrones Arya Sansa

Theon and Yara have something of a...complicated relationship. There was that small matter of the time that Theon returned to the Iron Islands after years as a ward/hostage of the Starks, decided to act like a bigshot, and ended up getting a little handsy with a woman who turned out to be his sister.

Theon has always been a bit of a screw-up, and Yara has always been the one who would be a great leader if only she was a son instead of a daughter. So there's definitely some conflict there.

But when Theon ends up in the clutches of Ramsay Bolton and is tortured, dismembered, and severely traumatized, Yara is pretty much the only one of the emotionally stunted Greyjoys to have any empathy for him.

So when he finally returns to the Iron Islands, albeit broken and unable to look anyone in the eye, there's a certain sweetness to their reunion that feels foreign to the normal gritty and vicious atmosphere that surrounds the Greyjoys, especially since Theon more or less immediately swears allegiance to his sister and backs her claim to the throne.


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