10 Most Hated Star Trek Characters

Who are the characters that truly grind your gears whenever they are on screen?


Let's get this out the way - no, Wesley Crusher will not be appearing on this list. The simple fact is this - Wesley is not the hated character that his reputation suggests. While he was definitely a shaky character in the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation, he has evolved now to the point where could very well be a mascot or indeed flagbearer for the series. The fact is as well that the writing improved as the episodes went by.

Now that's out of the way, let's get to the rest of this list.

Not every character in Star Trek manages to be beloved. Some have reputations for dragging down whichever scenes they are in. For that, there is no one person at fault. At times, the writing just isn't up to scratch. Other times, the acting leaves a bit to desired. Sometimes, when both of those issues come together, the character can leave a stale taste in the mouths of the audience.

The characters on this list have, for one reason or another, not gone down in Star Trek history as the favourites of each of their series. To star this list, there is -

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