10 Most Horrifying Star Trek Moments

It may be a show about boldy going forward, but sometimes the smart move is to simply run away.


Star Trek has, for over fifty years, painted the future as a bright and upbeat place. While certain recent series have questioned some of that, the technological advances in the franchise have ensured that at least almost everyone will never know what hunger is. The same cannot be said of fear.

Star Trek has, from time to time, managed to scare the absolute pants off the viewers. It started early - some of the Original Series episodes have some truly dark moments, not least including Wolf in the Fold, Catspaw and Devil in the Dark.

When Star Trek commits to frightening the audience, it goes all in. The movies largely avoided horror, though there are some moments that stand out. The Next Generation managed to shock more than a few audience members who weren't expecting some of the violence on show, whereas Deep Space Nine laughed off the audiences' fears and ate them with breakfast.

In the spirit of Halloween, this list breaks down some of the most frightening and disturbing moments from the franchise, dotted throughout with just enough space to lull the audience into a false sense of security, before forcing them to remind themselves: It's only a television show, it's only a television show....

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