10 Most Ingenious Kills In Horror TV Shows

9. Introducing The Creature - Penny Dreadful

Black Mirror Shut Up And Dance Alex Lawther

Whilst the actual murderous act here wasn’t much smarter than the average horror kill, its overall role in the plot of the show was really cool. In the pilot of Penny Dreadful we’re introduced to Proteus, the creation of Victor Frankenstein.

Fans loved Proteus and his wondrous, naive way of looking at the world. He seemed fairly sweet and harmless, unlike what we would usually conceive of concerning the archetypal Frankenstein’s monster.

Again unlike the archetype, Proteus is not a mishmash of parts but just one reanimated man who retains some memories of his life before: including bits of vocabulary from his sailing days and his wife’s name.

The show’s creators very cleverly showed us this creation and convinced us to love him in all his innocence, to then have Frankenstein’s first creation The Creature/ Caliban literally tear him in half to reveal the real horror of it all.

By having us grow fond of Proteus and think of him as the face of the creation, the show’s creators made Caliban’s entrance and characterisation even more striking and awful. Caliban is a jaded, lonely monster who hates the fact that he’s alive and we feel it even more intensely in the wake of Proteus’ impact.


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