10 Most Memorable Friends Cameos

Friends, or if you will F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is without a doubt one of the most relevant and well-loved sitcoms ever to grace the small screen. Its success was always down to its core characters, their vibrant and extravagant personalities and the beautifully humorous way in which they interacted with each other and those that they came across. The writing was perfect and it was always evident that the creators 100% got the characters and who they were. I won€™t wax lyrical (much) about the show because that€™s not what this feature is about; this is about those interactees that came and went, provided us with extra laughs on the side, and fully contributed their share to the wonderful NBC world that we inhabited for 10 glorious years. Over the years, stars flocked into NBC Studios to film a guest spot or, if they were lucky, a recurring role on the show. Most of them were excellent but a select few were exceptional; chewing up the scenery on such a scale that they were branded into our memories for years to come and luckily, that brand is still evident all these years on, making this list, documenting the Top 10 Cameos, a welcome tribute to the show. Note: I won€™t include the very funny likes of Tom Selleck (as Richard) and Giovanni Ribisi (as Frank) as both went on to star in something more than a €˜cameo€™, but I felt they deserved a shout-out. Click "next" below to read on...
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