10 Most Meta Doctor Who Moments EVER

These are the moments that stand out from the show - for standing out from the show!


As hardcore Whovians, we all love Doctor Who, but we do sometimes tend to take it a little too seriously- and who can blame us? It's the greatest show in all of time and space, it deserves the utmost respect and recognition! However, it's important to remember that Doctor Who is also pretty silly, and that's half the charm. The show's creators are keenly aware of this, and as such, Doctor Who frequently pokes fun at itself, laughing at its shortcomings or simply reminding the viewer that they're watching a TV programme, sometimes breaking the fourth wall entirely to make sure everyone knows that it's self-aware.

These are the times Doctor Who got meta, the moments when the show was hyper-aware of its own existence and took a little time out to laugh at itself and wink at the viewer in an endearingly self-referential way. Some might say these meta moments ruin the immersion, but on the contrary, we think they add to it. If the Doctor is aware that they're in a TV show, who knows? Maybe they're out there somewhere watching along with us. Feel free to drop by any time, Doctor. There's a bowl of fish-fingers and custard with your name on it.

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