10 Most Meta Moments In Supernatural

Just a couple of those moments when Supernatural was almost too meta for its own good.

Supernatural The French Mistake
The CW

After fifteen long years, it's finally the end of the road for Supernatural. We've seen the Gates of Hell open, angels fall, and several apocalypses (who knew there was a plural for apocalypse?) averted. For the Winchesters, though, it's time for a well deserved heavenly break.

But over the course of this show's run, it's done something incredible: it has attracted a fanbase so large and loyal that, even though Supernatural's days are over, its legacy is sure to live on.

But what exactly is Supernatural's legacy? Gruff accents, tense sibling dynamics, and a bold, exciting take on classical mythology? Maybe.

The reason why Supernatural will actually go down in history, though, is its complete disregard of the fourth wall. The showrunners realised early on that there's no better feeling than being in on a joke, so they made sure to make Supernatural a fifteen year long fever dream with nods to fan culture, classic TV tropes taken to their logical conclusions, and creating the most self-referential show anyone has ever seen.

The result is a show that demanded to be watched in its entirety, just so you could keep up with the memes. It's what made Supernatural so popular, and helped it on its way to becoming the longest running live action fantasy series ever.

Now, as we wave goodbye to the Winchesters, it's maybe best to look back on the meta-est of moments that made Supernatural so memorable.

10. Paging Dr Kripke - In My Time Of Dying (S2E1)

Supernatural The French Mistake
The CW

The earliest meta moment in Supernatural is very blink-and-you-miss it. Really, it's more of an Easter egg for the eagle-eared viewer, but still worthy of a mention because of its cunning subtlety.

Season two's premiere sees Dean Winchester at Death's door following a nasty car crash at the hands of Azazel. (The yellow eyed demon, remember him? Simpler times.) While his brother and father await news of his condition, the tannoy call goes out, "Paging Dr. Kripke..."

As any long time fan of the show will know, this doctor shares a surname with the show's creator and the showrunner of the first five seasons, Eric Kripke. Now, it's doubtful that this universe's Eric Kripke went into medicine rather than the media, so it's unlikely to be like, actually Eric Kripke.

But as far as self-insertion goes, it's a nice, fun factoid. And maybe that bit of fun gave Kripke and co. a taste for the meta which flourished into the maniacal nonsense Supernatural would become so well known for. After all, it wouldn't be the last time a familiar name popped up. Bobby Singer, anyone?

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