10 Most Outrageous Stories Revealed On The Graham Norton Show

Flashing co-stars, cocaine busts, sex tunnels, and so much more on the best chat show out there!

Patrick Stewart Graham Norton

We all love hearing our favourite celebrities tell us their funniest and wildest stories live on television and there's nowhere better to hear them than on The Graham Norton Show.

Probably thanks to his habit of getting guests at least a little bit tipsy with the plethora of alcohol on offer, Graham has a knack for getting A-list stars to reveal insane and revealing stories that simply wouldn't make it to air on any other talk show.

From Patrick Stewart telling the nation about a misunderstanding involving his genitals to Phoebe Waller-Bridge regaling the Irish host with a tale involving her flashing a co-star, the last thirteen years of the programme have given us some of the most hilarious moments ever witnessed on television.

But what are the absolute standouts from the undisputed king of chat shows? Which outrageous stories had the entire world breathless with laughter and caused more than a few celebrity publicists to start tearing their hair out?

Read on to see if your favourite story made it onto the list.

10. Jodie Whittaker - The Poisonous Spider

The Doctor faces up against all manner of deadly creatures on their journeys through time and space, from the rampaging Daleks to the terrifying Weeping Angels. But it was Jodie Whittaker, the current incarnation of the Time Lord, that had a real-life encounter with a deadly beast right here on planet Earth.

While filming Series 11 of Doctor Who in South Africa, some of the South African crewmates had spotted a highly venomous sac spider crawling on a nearby tree and were filming it in amazement. Jodie was unaware of this and came running out of a nearby building just as the spider landed right on her head.

Jodie flailed to get it off to the horror of the South African crew and one of the English producers casually picked up the deadly creature and threw it further into the wilderness, to even more horror.

The non-South African members of the crew, including Jodie, were only informed later how close to death they came. Or at least, how close the human members of the team came. For Jodie, it would’ve simply been a matter of a quick regeneration, of course.


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