10 Most Pitiful TV Plot Twists Ever Created

Sometimes you wonder what on earth is going on in those writers rooms...


Over the years, television has provided us with entertainment, agony, happiness, sadness, grief, and every other emotion you could ever think of. Even hunger.

People put a lot of their precious free time into television, whether they are writing it and making it, or just sitting at home watching it. As a result, there is a lot of pressure to get it right. Sometimes they manage it, but sometimes they plough everything into a fiery pit and ruin it all.

Some of the best television shows are prone to getting it wrong, leaving audiences to pick up the pieces when it feels like the makers of their favorite shows have stabbed them in the back.

Take terrible plot twists, for example. They are magic, in the respect that they are a single moment that can completely ruin something that at one point was your whole life. Yes, that might sound dramatic, but it can be easy to get invested in something only to see it all fall apart because of a dumb decision to twist things for effect at the last...

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