10 Most Powerful Doctor Who Villains

You don't live for 2000 years and travel through all of time and space without making a few enemies.


Doctor Who may be seen by some as a kids show, but that detracts from the complexity of it, the depth of the characters, and the fact that at times it is really, really, hide-behind-the-sofa levels of scary.

Its success is built not only on its titular hero and his ever-changing face, but an impressive rogues gallery that has spanned (and terrified) generations and given popular culture a number of iconic villains.

From A-to-Z, or Animus-to-Zygons, each series both ‘classic’ and ‘new’ has featured an array of enemies for The Doctor to defeat, with varying degrees of difficulty. After all, he is an all-powerful Time-Lord, so many of these monsters ultimately aren’t a match for him and his screwdriver, and can be dealt with fairly swiftly.

There are those, though, who pose a huge threat and even come close to being an equal, who have great power and none of the responsibility, and who keep coming back for more even when they’re beaten.

The best Who villains (not to be confused with Whovians, the term for fans of the show) are those that are frightening in appearance but even more frightening in their methods and abilities, and here’s a look at some of the most powerful foes from the past forty years or so… 


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