10 Most Powerful Weapons In Anime History

Demon slaying swords? Overpowered guns? Killer note pads? Which one will come out on top?


Although anime has a number of different genres in it, the main one that fans seem to enjoy is the shonen category. After all, what's not to like about high-octane action, gruesomely bloody violence and insanely powerful weapons that can kill enemies in excruciating and unique ways? The extreme brutality on show is one of the main appealing parts of the genre.

While there are plenty of amazing weapons to go around, it's fair to say that not every one of them is created equally. After all, how many times have we seen characters with something that seems unbeatable, get outshone by someone with a weapon that is bigger, badder and far more devastating?

With so many shonens out, it's difficult to figure out which weapon truly is the creme de la creme. Which is why we've found the ten best and ranked them on their level of devastation. From insanely powerful uns that could blow a target into oblivion, to swords that have sliced and diced countless foes, creating a death toll that could only classified as a massacre, these are ten weapons that were created to cause nothing but absolute chaos and destruction.

Let's begin...


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