10 Most Satisfying Star Trek Moments

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Star Trek has been going for more than fifty years. Just think about that for a moment and consider how much time, energy, effort and late-night writing sessions have gone into the sprawling history that is Star Trek. During the course of those fifty or so years, there have been many, many (and we do mean many) dud moments. 'Spock's Brain' springs to mind.

But with so many stabs at the pie there are bound to be a few rubbish moments mixed in with the good stuff. More importantly, there are bound to be some truly great moments mixed in with all the merely good. A truly great moment in a film or TV show can uplift the whole series and leave a very satisfied feeling in an audience, much like the first sip of a freshly opened bottle of champers or the first slice of a freshly delivered pizza.

So here are 10 of the most truly satisfying moments in the history of Star Trek. The only difficult part will be trying not to just take them all from First Contact.

10. Tuvok Dances

Throughout the run of Star Trek Voyager, Tuvok and Neelix are often at odds. Tuvok is stoic and implacable, while Neelix is fun-loving and more than a bit annoying, his main goal on the ship seems to be getting 'Mr. Vulcan' to lighten up a bit. Their odd-couple relationship was the focus of numerous episodes. In Rise the two of them have to attempt to repair a space elevator together and in Tuvix they are literally fused into the same person. There was a lot water under the bridge for these two, constantly at odds with one another.

However, in the third to last episode of the series (Homestead), Neelix has been asking Tuvok if he has ever danced. Tuvok says that Vulcans do not dance, which makes Neelix all the more curious to see if he can make Tuvok dance at all. The course of the episode then details Neelix finding a new home and deciding to leave Voyager. For Tuvok, this will be the last moment that he has in order to express in some way that he values the skills and friendship of Neelix.

As he walks down the corridors of the ship, the entire crew line the walls to wish him farewell and when Neelix passes Tuvok, the Vulcan steps forwards and performs the tiniest of foot movements that could qualify as a dance. Neelix's smile says it all.

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