10 Most Savage South Park Celebrity Takedowns

South Park's most shocking celebrity takedowns! Bono, Mel Gibson & more! 

Bono South Park
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If South Park isn't too shy to take on the big controversial stories of the moment, you better believe that celebrities, no matter how big they are, are easy prey for them too.

More often than not, celebrities are just asking for it, given the sheer amount of inherent ego, bad/controversial behaviour, or just plain terrible projects that these people attach themselves to.

There's more than enough comedy fodder to sift through, plus there's the sheer mountainous quantity of celebrity types to choose from: actors, movie and TV big wigs, musicians, politicians, and reality TV stars.

Given that the show is now well beyond 300 episodes, it's no surprise that there are so many portrayals to choose from. Most of them are very funny and contain some level of biting satire at the celebrities' expense, others are just hilariously dumb (Rob Schneider is a carrot).

Very rarely do any of the celebrities come out looking competent or half way intelligent, let alone in any sort of positive light. However, some stand out as being particularly ruthless, savage and pointed, like the show has a big axe to grind.

So, these are the celebrities that the quiet little mountain town in Colorado dished out some major beatings to and for whom they showed the least mercy.

10. John Edward

Bono South Park
Comedy Central

He may not be as much of a household name as the others on this list, but the self-proclaimed psychic, who would communicate with the dead on TV, seemed to really stick in the South Park guys' craw.

Cartman has the spirit of Kenny trapped inside his body, because of course he does, and wants it out. The boys, at first, believe John Edward can help, but his "powers" only upset and traumatise Kyle. This in turn worries Stan, who inadvertently discovers that John is a con artist, able to use cold reading techniques and manipulate people into believing he can communicate with their lost loved ones.

Stan goes up against him, using his own tricks to disprove his so called special abilities. However, the plan is interrupted by aliens who have travelled a long way because they love John Edward and want to gift him the title of biggest douche in the universe. Their culture just really likes douchey behaviour.

It all ends with a catchy crooning song to accompany the ceremony, about douches no less.

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