10 Most Savage South Park Celebrity Takedowns

9. Kanye West

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It may look like Kanye gets off lightly in this episode, especially compared to Carlos Mencia, who is killed gruesomely as part of his punishment for stealing jokes from other comedians.

Miraculously, however, this episode actually got Kanye to reflect on himself and his behaviour in real life, which was never the show's intention. Anyone who follows the news will see that this had mixed results.

The episode sees Kanye constantly failing to understand a very simple joke asking whether or not you like fish sticks. If said quickly this sounds rude, naturally most folks say yes so QED they're gay fish.

He desperately tries to understand the simple word play, whilst simultaneously bragging about his genius. All the pressure from people laughing at him causes him to freak out and break down to the point of killing someone (the aforementioned Carlos). Due to his lack of a sense of humour or general mental well being, Kanye is eventually convinced that he must definitely be a gay fish.

Kanye would return in another episode as he attempted to dispel rumours that Kim Kardashian was a Hobbit. All in all, Kanye comes across as pompous, shallow, stupid and maybe not all there.

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