10 Most Shocking Moments On ER

It was one of the longest running medical dramas ever - these moments left us shook.


ER changed the landscape of television when it debuted in 1994. It was the brainchild of novelist Michael Crichton, most famous for creating Jurassic Park. He, along with John Wells and Stephen Spielberg, conceived of a movie named ER, which later became the series.

The show had enormous success in the ratings and holds the record for the most Emmy Nominated show ever, with fifteen seasons of content. Throughout these seasons, many, many shocking and crazy events took place in the halls of County General, Chicago.

Picking a list of just ten moments was a task unto itself, though the moments reflected in this list here are but a taste of the insanity that went on in that show. Most of these moments hit home the hardest due to the level of care and craft that went into designing and developing the characters and storylines, truly the mark of a great show with a devoted creative team.

There are some fairly major spoilers in this list for anyone who has yet to see the show. You have been warned!

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