10 Most Trippy Star Trek Scenes

Weird out and take a chill pill to get ready for a brain-bending Trek selection.

Trippy 2 Kirk Motion Picture Star Trek
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Usually remaining focused, on point, and firmly grounded, Star Trek still isn't afraid to throw in a curveball once in a while. Then there are times when it catches that curveball, pops it with a pin, paints it in neon colours, reinflates it, and hands it over to the crowds at Woodstock.

When talking about trippy moments in the Star Trek universe it's not just about ingesting a ton of pharmaceuticals. Indeed as Star Trek's third season was drawing to a close, Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey maxed out on such LSD vibes with its impressive light show as Dave Bowman travels through the Jupiter monolith on his way to becoming the Star Child. This sequence certainly had its effect on at least one entry on this list.

What also needs to be considered is how a scene is played out, written, or directed. Yes, there are those points that would make the finale of The Prisoner make total sense, yet at times it's how it is structured that provides that truly trippy sensation.

Within Star Trek, there are those scenes that do raise the question of just what was being ingested at the time of their writing. Sadly however there wasn't an opportunity for a Trippy Trip Tucker moment!

10. Down The Wormhole Dude!

Trippy 2 Kirk Motion Picture Star Trek

Back in 1979 the sight of the Enterprise in spacedock was a moment of pure joy.

Skip forward six hours into the film and finally she had something to do - go to warp to save Earth. However rather than flash off into the depths of the galaxy, an issue with the drive sends the iconic starship into a wormhole.

Now this was a good few years before TNG and DS9 really took wormholes to a whole new level with this one created by the ship itself. As the Enterprise increases acceleration everything starts to go a bit stretchy. Externally it's a cool visual effect that seems to suggest the starship is heading into the opening credits of a Bond film while on the bridge the crew are all slowing down in speech and motion.

That and the suspension seems to have gone with the crew bumping up and down. But lo! There's a meteor in their way which will destroy the Enterprise and all aboard!

Time for Kirk to order firing the phasers, only for Commander Decker to belay the order at a snail's pace while characters blur and constants of time become all sorts of crazy. Cue Chekov firing torpeeeeeeedoooooooes and saving the day. At least Decker knows this new ship inside and out!


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