10 Most Underappreciated Seasons Of Cult-Favourite TV Shows

Die-hard fans absolutely adore these shows, just not every chapter of them...

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Unlike any other medium, television really does have the power to truly draw people in and turn them into devotees for life. This is due to the longevity of television and the amount of time we spend with its characters, allowing us to relate and warm to them in much the same way you would a person you meet in real-life.

This symbiotic relationship between audience and show means that large fan-bases and cult-followings are commonplace, which can often put pressure on creators to not disappoint those that have been keeping their show on the air.

However, just because a show has a dedicated cult-following, does not mean that those loyal followers are kind to every offering. More often than not, passionate fan-bases will be the most vocal about a season that goes against the grain, or to their mind tarnishes the reputation of their beloved TV saga.

The seasons of television we're discussing today are those such creatures. Whether they were drastic departures from pre-established formulas, had entirely new casts, or were simply just bold, creative risks on the creator's part, these unfairly judged seasons are more than deserving of a second chance.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

10. Series 2 - Hex

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Often touted as the 'British Buffy'', Hex was a smart, sexy, and ultimately more adult take on the fantasy-drama genre; one whose first series quickly established a passionate following. Sadly despite the second series' increased budget and much larger stakes, the show's profile never raised beyond cult curiosity and it was swiftly canceled, leaving those that stuck with it to the bitter end very heartbroken.

It's not entirely known why Hex's second season didn't quite stick the landing for many, but some of its daring changes to the core narrative may have been the reason why the viewing figures took a dive.

Many fans were deeply upset by the heroine Cassie being so cruelly offed early into the second series and felt that the demon-slaying witch Ella wasn't a suitable replacement for the naive and extremely likable Cassie.

And yet, of the two series that Hex spawned, series two is undoubtedly the best.

Where the first series was a short and brooding affair, series two was much more grandiose and epic by introducing all manner of demons, angels, and mythological creatures to wage war upon one another. All whilst not losing that sinister and sexy edge that had drawn people in the first time around.

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