10 Most Underappreciated Seasons Of Cult-Favourite TV Shows

9. Series Five - Peep Show

Fringe Cast
Channel 4

Ask a die-hard Peep Show fan what the finest series of the show is, and they'll no doubt jump to its fourth outing. This is arguably the point where the writing team was firing on all cylinders and the not-wedding of Mark and Sophie is to the minds of many, the show's absolute peak.

However, if you ask them about its fifth series the script is very quickly flipped, with many decrying it as the beginning of the end for the much-loved comedy. Yet, as a counter to that, series five is where the show begins to really embrace the bleak, and becomes much funnier as a result.

Mark's increasing desperation in his quest to find 'the one', as well as his romance with newcomer Dobby really ups the laugh-count, and Sophie's pregnancy storyline gave Olivia Coleman the chance to really flex her comedy chops by swinging wildly between meek mess and unimaginable monster in the drop of a hat.

It may have been hard for fans to shake-off the unsatisfactory end to Mark and Sophie's romance, but for those willing to look past the sudden shift in story, Peep Show was still at the top of its game.

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