10 Most Underrated Buffy The Vampire Slayer Characters

Sunnydale's most underappreciated stars.

Buffy Kendra
Mutant Enemy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired for seven seasons and 144 episodes, and during that time introduced countless great characters, from sinister big bads to conflicted anti-heroes, world-saving warriors and sarcastic sidekicks.

Prominent characters such as reformed vampires Spike and Angel, Willow, Faith and Buffy herself have all become pop culture icons over the years, and frequently rank amongst the best figures the series ever created.

But for every beloved character, there are two behind them who never quite got the love they deserved. Whether this was a fault of the writing, a lack of screentime, or the fact that the character was a disgusting villain everyone just wanted to see gone, the following characters have their fans, but not as many as they really should.

With that in mind, from lovable demons to doomed Slayers, over-hated supporting players and antagonists who are far better than they've been given credit for, here are the 10 most underrated characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This article will contain major spoilers.

10. Clem

Buffy Kendra
Mutant Enemy

Though Buffy was often quite low on memorable demon characters, save for Anya Jenkins, it did have one underappreciated gem in the loose-skinned demon Clem.

Introduced in the season six episode Life Serial, Clem was initially portrayed as slightly antagonistic, but following his debut became nothing more than a big cuddly teddy bear who everyone around him loved.

A frequent poker buddy of Spike and good friends with Buffy, he appeared sparingly through the show's last leg, often found looking after Spike's crypt, keeping an eye on Dawn in times of trouble, or hilariously scaring potential Slayers.

Given his infectiously happy persona and the fact that he was one of the very few characters Spike was ever seen confiding it, it's a shame we didn't get to see more of Clem, even if the time we did get with him was enough to make him stand-out.


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