10 Most Underrated Community Episodes

Some underrated gems from this underrated gem.

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Community, a cult classic sitcom which follows the adventures of a study group at Greendale Community College, ran for six seasons, and in that time produced some episodes that are truly streets ahead. (If you have to ask, you're streets behind.)

To this day, fans still praise episodes like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, where the study group plays D and D for the first time; Geothermal Escapism, where Abed says goodbye to Troy; and Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television, the series finale. Of course, any episode where the study group plays paintball becomes an instant classic. And most viewers consider Remedial Chaos Theory, aka the one with the dice and the alternate timelines, the single greatest episode in the show.

However, Community is more than just these episodes. Some of Community's best half hours fly completely under the radar, and aren't appreciated by fans anywhere near as much as they should be. These episodes have just as much heart, humour, and hating on Britta as the episodes from the previous paragraph, but somehow aren't fan favourites.

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