10 Most Underrated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows

9. Night Man

The Crow Stairway To Heaven

Superhero shows weren’t all that common in the later 90s and early 2000s, at least not as common as now where every other network or streaming service seems to have some DC or Marvel show as part of their lineup. However one attempt at a superhero show that did hit the screens in 1997 was Night Man.

An original superhero series, Night Man followed a San Francesco jazz artist named Johnny Domino. After being getting struck by lightning, he becomes imbued with powers not super speed but evil thought reading. That’s right, he had the power to detect and hear evil thoughts whenever they occurred to someone in his vicinity.

Afterwards he got himself a high-tech suit, because it wouldn’t be a superhero show otherwise, and hits the streets, or skies rather, to fight crime. The powers do come at a price though, as following the lightning strike he is unable to sleep, hence the name.

His enemies are numerous but there is one overarching villain who provides the main antagonist to the series; tech billionaire Kieran Keys. The show is a nice, simple use of the superhero formula and makes for an excellent watch. One that perhaps deserves a bit more mention that it is afforded.

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