10 Most Underrated Star Trek Episodes

9. Real Life - Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek Odo

This was one of The Doctor's key episodes of growth in Voyager's early seasons, allowing him to experience the joys and pains of family life. While he initially creates something akin to a Stepford Wives type of home, he is convinced by Torres to let her reprogram the family into something a little more challenging.

He is overwhelmed but still tries to rise to the challenge of being a father. His son begins to adopt a Klingon friend base and lifestyle, while his daughter takes part in increasingly dangerous sports. Then - the greatest horror of all - his wife wishes to have a career of her own!

While there is plenty of comedy to enjoy in the episode, the ending takes a sadder turn when his daughter dies from injuries sustained during Parisses Squares. It is a very bittersweet ending, yet it is a crucial step in The Doctor's journey to understanding the relationships that his crew-mates enjoy and helps to soften his character a little further, with some terrific acting by Robert Picardo on show.

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