10 Most Underrated Stargate Episodes

Not every episode gets the same recognition as Window of Opportunity!

Stargate Atlantis Vegas

Across Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, there are hundreds of episodes to enjoy and, despite some serious quality on show, not all of the best ones get the recognition that they deserve. If one were to do a top 10 episodes list from each series, episodes like the aformentioned Window of Opportunity, Reckoning, The Siege and The Return may all make that list.

This list is about some of the best of the rest!

There have been plenty of comedy episodes from the shows, some of which are located here. There have been more serious entries as well, which while they may not stand out like some of the brightest stars, they are still well worth considering and enjoying.

This list comprises ten episodes which are essential to enjoy the shows as a whole, even if they may not be the cream of the crop!

10. Memento - SG1

Stargate Atlantis Vegas

Robert Foxworth is one of those dependably great guest stars, appearing here as Ashwan, the leader of a world that SG-1 and Prometheus discover, due to an accident while testing the Prometheus's new hyper-drive engines. After initially being taken as a threat, the team are then welcomed to the planet, though they fail to find the Stargate they were expecting.

The planet has flourished in the previous 300 years, though O'Neill and Teal'c both speculate that it was at that time that the planet was freed from Goa'uld control - something that historians have tried hard to remove from their past.

The episode serves as a cautionary tale for those who refuse to remember their history being doomed to repeat it. The fear of the Stargate drives many of the locals to mutiny and sedition, while those more open minded individuals eventually win the day.

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