10 Most Unexpected Horror TV Show Deaths

The small screen demises you didn't see coming.

The Walking Dead Denise death

The bloody and gruesome halls of horror have played host to many deadly situations and encounters. Of course, many of these stories are filled with death and suffering. The sense of creeping dread and fear of harm has always played a role in the scariest horror properties. It's a great way to connect audiences to the characters; once they're fully established, you root for them to survive and it has an utterly gut-wrenching effect when they don't.

Horror still stands as one of the most unpredictable genres in the medium. When entering this territory, very few characters are completely safe. The twists and turns of the narrative can be drastically escalated in spookier small screen efforts. By stretching out stories to a longer length, the sense of adversity and survival is heightened with every new threat and escalation.

Whether they were torn apart by monsters, killed off or met a premature end at the hands of other characters, these are the ten most shocking and unexpected deaths in horror TV. Be warned as there are massive spoilers ahead for every series on this list.

10. Bob - Stranger Things 2

The Walking Dead Denise death

Starting off the list is Stranger Things. As arguably the biggest show Netflix has ever put out, it can chalk up a lot of its success to its great cast of characters. As its second chapter began, one of the more underrated cast members was Sean Astin's Bob.

The second season really ramps up in its eighth episode with the monsters rampaging through a hospital. It's a tense and unrelenting chase through the hallways of the Hawkins laboratory. In this desperate moment, Joyce's new partner Bob really steps up to the plate. Following careful instructions from scientist Doctor Owens, he's able to distract the creatures and help the group get out safely.

The escape appears to have been a narrow success, until one last crawler pounces on Bob. It's a truly gut-wrenching sequence as the action slows to a crawl, absorbing the audience into the horrifying moment. Joyce's devastation is made much more powerful with the lack of sound and the team has no choice but to leave him behind.

Poor Bob has no chance against the beast as it tears into him mercilessly and this sudden end to his character arc made him a fan favourite among fans. Many took to forums and social media to pay their respects to the loveable character.


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