10 Most Unexpected Star Trek Moments

There are the times when Star Trek turned around and ripped the rug out from under us.

Star Trek Tasha Yar

Star Trek has delivered a wealth of fantastic moments throughout the franchise, some of which came completely out of left field. As the show went on, the writers and producers managed to get a bit edgier in what they were able to pull off, allowing for some wonderful visual moments that took manys a breath away.

In the movies, there were of course moments that would shock and awe, yet those blasted movie trailers had a habit of showing where they should have implied (see the honourable mention on this list for exactly that reason).

A show shouldn't hinge entirely on shocking moments (looking at you, Game of Thrones season 8) but having them peppered throughout adds a bit of spice to a strong narrative - something that Star Trek has managed to deliver in spades time and time again. Here are ten of the best, and most unexpected, moments from the franchise.

11. Honourable Mention: The Enterprise Self-Destructs

This should have been one of the biggest and most heartbreaking shocks in all of Star Trek's history. The USS Enterprise, the original and beloved ship that had carried Kirk and crew through all of their travels and adventures, is sacrificed above the Genesis Planet.

Except, they not only put it in the trailer, but re-cut it to look like it was destroyed by the Klingons. It would possibly be fair to say that the shock comes from how the Enterprise was destroyed, but let this stand as another example of giving away far far too much in the trailer!

All of that said, it is still hard not to tear up, all of these years later, seeing the old girl go.

We salute you!

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