10 Netflix Shows EVERYONE Should Binge-Watch

From Joe Exotic, Walter White or Tommy Shelby, Netflix has it all covered.

Peaky Blinders

According to the latest statistics, nearly two hundred million people around the world have an active Netflix subscription. That is, safe to say, quite a lot of people crowding round their televisions, laptops and tablets to hunker in with a series at any given time.

Netflix has made a name for itself as being the world's number one for online streaming and houses some of the best collection of shows ever made. And what's so great about Netflix, is the fact that most of these shows are all ready to binged through from the second someone gets their hands on an account.

Online streaming on platforms such as Netflix has really changed the way in which audiences digest entertainment; gone are the days where fans of a show have to wait for a commission, shooting and week-by-week releases, instead a user can hop onto Netflix now and sit through an entire show in one session.

From the grimy streets of post-war Birmingham, to the colourful paradise of the Good Place, there's nothing quite like grabbing some snacks, bunking down somewhere comfortable and gorging your way through a great series.

10. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

British drama Peaky Blinders first began airing in 2013 and quickly established itself as one of the best shows for binging on Netflix following the show being purchased in September 2014.

The show follows the notorious Shelby family, a real-world urban gang active on the streets of Birmingham in the years immediately after World War One. Tommy Shelby acts as the head of the family and is a shrewd, daring character portrayed by Cillian Murphy in a brilliant, ever-cool performance. Murphy's role as Tommy in the show has already netted him three individual awards, adding to the eleven others for production, direction, visuals and individual and cast performances.

With the show kicking off in the middle of the gritty strikes and political upheaval rife in the early 1920s and running through to include the rise of infamous figures such as Oswald Mosley, creator Steven Knight has recently said that he wants the show to take place right up until the first air raid of World War Two, something that will take seven series.

With the fifth season airing in 2019, there's still plenty of the Peaky Blinders to savour before their antics are drawn to a close.


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