10 Nicest Things Bojack Horseman Has Ever Done

9. He Helped Todd With His Rock Opera

Bojack Horseman Mirror

By the fourth episode of the entire series, we are still learning about Bojack and all the different people in his life. Thanks to Diane's conversation with the subject of her book though, we learn that he is potentially of scared of Todd moving out, hence why he is always clipping his wings.

To show Diane how wrong she is, Bojack offers to help Todd with the rock opera he is writing. Throughout the process he says some pretty awful things about Todd's work, berating him and never missing an opportunity to put him down.

However, while he only joined the project initially to shut Diane up, he soon became genuinely passionate about making Todd's work the best it could be. This is the first time in the show we see the two really bond, and the first time Bojack treats his roommate of many years like a friend.

Ultimately, Bojack undoes this good deed, sabotaging the opera by manipulating Todd's video game addiction, of course. This stopped his friend from selling his pitch to a team of investors, and meant he would have to stay living with Bojack. Still, though he screwed it up eventually, the initial thought and the bonding shared between the two was actually quite sweet.


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