10 Most Offensive Family Guy Moments Ever

Family Guy Fcc Though it's popularity has been on the wane for the past couple of seasons as Seth MacFarlane stretches himself a little thinly, Family Guy remains one of the best comedies on TV. While it remains a little too over-reliant on pop culture gags €“ it may not age well in 20 years time €“ it has lost little of its bite and pure guts. The premise of an animated comedy aiming to shock and hit near to the knuckle isn't a new one. South Park were mining the same seam before Family Guy's inception, and even The Simpsons were subversive before the show hit its flabby middle age. Family Guy manages to do this more successfully than it's peers though, as the characters are that bit more sharply realised and the reliance on cutaway gags means that one particular character isn't stigmatized by the cruder or more poorly-realised jokes. Naturally, a show that sails this close to the edge is going to have a whole load of detractors. The show has been cancelled twice during it's run, in part because the near-the-knuckle jokes that pepper its epsidoes have caused so much outrage among more conservative viewers and given Fox a lot of backlash to contend with. Here we take a look at the 10 moments that caused the greatest offence, contained the most "How Did They Get Away With That?" jokes and gleefully set about offending every minority, religion and sexual orientation in sight. You may not be surprised to learn that Peter Griffin features prominently. There will be spoilers within, and subject matter that is likely to offend those of a sensitive disposition. As ever, feel free to add your own thoughts on the subject in the comments board below.
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