10 Most Offensive Family Guy Moments Ever

10."I Guess It's The Way God Made Them"

Family Guy is completely merciless in it's deconstruction of social stereotypes regarding every race. It satirises peoples perception of black people, with the episode where Peter discovers he has black ancestry sailing very close to the wind. However, it is the perception of Asian people that comes close to crossing the line into outrageously offensive. Asian drivers €“ particularly women €“ are mocked as being reckless and dangerous, patriarchs are seen as over-demanding, ruthless and cold to their children. Furthermore, the children are viewed as being highly intelligent and obsessively competitive. In an episode from the most recent season, a cutaway gag shows God unveiling his latest invention, The Asian, who reproduce at a fantastic rate despite a deficiency in the genitalia department. It should be noted that while the makers of Family Guy do seem to target Asian people quite frequently. It's always lazy stereotyping of the Asians by other races that is being mocked, so it would be grossly unfair and inaccurate to throw around accusations of racism. You could argue that the Irish, the white Americans, the Italians and every major religion all come in for a harder time at the show's hands than do the Asian community. That's the beauty of Family Guy in a nutshell, really. You can never argue successfully that they target minorities for a cheap source of laughter €“ they target EVERYBODY for a cheap source of laughter.
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