10 Once Awesome TV Shows That Now Suck

8. True Blood

True Blood98 A fan-favorite since its inception back in 2008, True Blood is awash with attractive characters taking their clothing off while cleverly being woven into a series of plots which will inevitably culminate in a bloody finale. It's no wonder the show has done so well for so long! But as much as it pains us to say it €“ and after season six it must be said €“ it's time for this vampire tale to meet the sun. While the stories have always been a bit odd €“ that being part of the appeal €“ the series has taken such eccentricity to terrifying levels. Let us be the first to say that the introduction of faeries was pretty awesome, but the idea was eventually taken to such corny depths that the glamour lost its shine. This became painfully noticeable in the finale of season five as we watch a faerie give birth to her children. Not only does she give new meaning to the phrase multiple orgasm €“ while giving birth(!) €“ but her vagina glows like that of a UFO. How can we take that seriously? Once loved characters have gone on to become extremely unlikable €“ Alcide stands out €“ and plots that could have been great flopped instead. Following a generally uninteresting season five we come to know of ancient vampire Warlow who claims Sookie for himself. While the character could have served as a truly terrifying antagonist for season six, he was instead made out to be a sympathetic and lonely man who joins Sookie's museum of lovers. The blood orange that is True Blood has been violently squeezed dry of everything that once made it the best supernatural drama on television. Hell, we can't even get a decent sex scene as of late. True Blood will be premiering its seventh and final season in the summer of 2014 and we're glad to hear it. Perhaps the show can end on a good note before the plots become too unforgivably awful.

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