10 Outrageous Ways Famous TV Characters Came Back From The Dead

9. The Crew Was Saved By A Time Paradox - Red Dwarf

Buffy The Gift Death Resurrection

This beloved British sitcom follows the crew of mining ship Red Dwarf as they try to get back to Earth after becoming lost in deep space. The crew includes the last man alive, a hologram of his dead crew-mate, a cat-man creature and a neurotic android.

They Were Dead...: In the season six finale the crew come face to face with their future selves, who have become corrupted thanks to a time machine that allows them to travel anywhere in history.

The two groups get into an argument over using the machine and end up fighting. The final scene shows the good group been blown to bits in their spaceship. Roll credits.

...But They Got Better: Fans had to wait four years for the show to return to find out what happened. Lister explains the overly complex reason for their survival in the opening scene: Because their future selves killed their younger versions, that meant they couldn’t have existed to kill themselves in the first place and the timeline was returned to normal.

Easy when you think about it.


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