10 Plots From Stargate That Were Just Dropped

They can't all be brand new battleships, mysterious aliens and machine races.

Stargate Furlings

From the original 1994 movie to the cancellation of Stargate Universe in 2011, there have been more than three hundred and fifty television episodes in this franchise, each one attempting to build on the previous one and expand the universe. Some of these attempts have added rich and powerful details to the setting and characters and some... some were clearly an interesting idea that just didn't go anywhere.

So with the possibility of a new Stargate show looming on the horizon, what plot elements might warrant exploration in the future? What might be dredged up from the archives of Area 51? (side-note... science-based sitcom set in Stargate's Area 51 in the vein of Better Off Ted... writing that one down to send to Brad Wright).

Naturally, we're not including the fact that both Stargate Infinity and Stargate Universe were cancelled. While both of their stories weren't concluded, that wasn't deliberate on the part of the producers. Here's ten of the plotlines across the franchise that were simply dropped, for better or for worse.

10. The Furlings

Stargate Furlings

In the first season of Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson discovers evidence that the Stargate was activated before 1994 and that a single man, Ernest Littlefield, stepped through it (in a diving bell). The team venture through the gate to locate Ernest (still alive after forty years of isolation) and find the lost outpost of Heliopolis.

Ernest had discovered that Heliopolis was a meeting place for Four Races. They were The Ancients (also known as the Lanteans, the Alterans or the Gate-Builders), the Nox (as seen in a few early episodes), the Asgard (frequent allies of Earth) and the Furlings. These four races had developed a universal language that was based on the elements of the periodic table and had catalogued a great deal of their knowledge together.

As humans progressed through technological knowledge, the Asgard decided that they were worthy of being considered The Fifth Race.

However, as the vast series progressed, we saw enough of the Nox to know that they didn't want to be involved in anything at all. We saw extensively of the Asgard and almost the entire purpose of SG-1, Atlantis and Universe is about inheriting the legacy of the Ancients. But what about the Furlings? Aside from a joke appearance in the parody-rich episode '200' and a sample of their text appearing in season 6 episode 'Paradise Lost', we never got to find out who the Furlings were.

Why were they considered worth of being one of the Four Races? What did they leave behind? Were they really small and fuzzy? So many questions...

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