10 Real-Life Events Which Need To Become TV Shows

It's not just the British Royal Family who deserve an HBO or Netflix series.

Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor
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With the recent release of season four of Netflix's hit show The Crown, it has become clear that some historical happenings make for truly addictive television viewing.

The series focuses on pivotal moments in both the lives of the Royal Family and modern British history, depicting events such as Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, The Great Smog of London, and The Aberfan Disaster.

Spanning much of the twenty-first century, the wildly popular series has, much like HBO's spectacularly haunting Chernobyl (2019), captured the attention of audiences and critics alike with its high-production values, stellar cast, and arresting takes on the recent past.

However, there are some interesting, gruesome, and downright scandalous real-life events which have yet to make it to our small screens. Whether it be bloody battles, murderously maniacal leaders, or perilous plagues, here are ten historical events which would have us glued to our screens.

10. The Highland Clearances

Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor

While the growing tensions between England and Scotland during the eighteenth century are referenced in the popular show Outlander (2014-), this grisly period of conflict and subjugation is largely overshadowed by the central romantic plot and fantasy elements of the show.

A series which charts the events of the Highland Clearances could begin with the ill-fated Jacobite rising of 1745, which saw Bonnie Prince Charlie attempt to reclaim the British throne. The uprising culminated in the bloody Battle of Culloden, which claimed the lives of hundreds of Scottish fighters. The battle scenes would be both brutal and devastating.

After the tragedy of the failed rebellion, Scottish Highlanders were subjected to further misery as the century continued: many were forced from their land during the clearances, suffered through famine, and saw the destruction of their traditional livelihoods.

A TV show which depicts this oft-overlooked period of political disputes, military conflict, and heartbreaking loss would be an engaging and emotional watch. And, given the popularity of shows such as Outlander, would likely be an instant hit.


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