10 Real-Life Events Which Need To Become TV Shows

9. The Reign Of Ivan The Terrible, First Tsar Of Russia

Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor
Alexander Litovchenko, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ivan IV Vasilyevich, most often referred to as Ivan the Terrible, was the first Tsar of Russia, as well as a notoriously bloodthirsty ruler famous for the cruel and callous treatment of his subjects, courtiers, and family.

While many television shows and films which examine Russian history tend to focus on the tragedy of the Romanovs or the brutal Stalinist regime, the reign of Ivan the Terrible remains neglected within popular culture.

However, Ivan's stint as ruler in the sixteenth century bore witness to several gory, tantalising, and scandalous events and incidents, many of which would make for an engrossing watch.

Although, in economic terms, Russia was irrevocably transformed during this time, the country suffered greatly throughout Ivan's reign, which included events such as the Massacre of Novgorod. Ivan's treatment of his family would be particularly well-suited for a TV series: the paranoid and unstable leader is alleged to have murdered his own son and heir.


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