10 Real-Life Events Which Need To Become TV Shows

8. The Hundred Years' War

Cleopatra Elizabeth Taylor

This decades-long conflict amongst the powers of Western Europe spanned much of the fourteenth century, lasting until 1453. Consisting of several smaller conflicts fought between the English House of Plantagenet (alongside the House of Lancaster) and the French House of Valois, the Hundred Years' War would be well-suited to an episodic narrative structure.

Striking visual effects would elevate the gruesome (and presumably numerous) battle scenes, while an all-star cast would bring life to the political disputes and negotiations at the heart of these conflicts. As the success of Game of Thrones has shown, a series inspired by the aesthetics of the Medieval Period could be very popular.

The later phase of the conflict, the so-called Lancastrian War (1415 - 1453), would make for particularly interesting television. It is this period which saw the appearance of Joan of Arc, a French peasant girl who claimed to have been guided by God to assist the French forces, the eventual victors of the war.

While modern audiences are used to depictions of more recent wars, a TV series charting this relatively neglected conflict would help illuminate a much lesser studied conflict.


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