10 Real-Life Inspirations Behind American Horror Story

After reading this, you might just accept that drink offer from Mr March.

Ever since the first season aired back in 2011 the show, that's produced by genius Ryan Murphy, has caused a lot of controversy. Murder, sex, gore, torture, sadism, rape and even witch-craft are just some of the ways Murphy has pushed the limit on FX censorship - and fans just seem to eat up every single thing he gives them to devour. But the origins of these stories are a lot realer than you might think. Take the Axeman in season 3's Coven. Far from a murderous work of fiction, inspiration was almost entirely drawn from the brutal and unsolved murders of 8 teenage girls in 1960's New Orleans. Who, incidentally, was never caught. But what about the story of Drake Mordake (a man with two faces) or Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie (a horrendous racist who would torture her slaves in the most brutal ways imaginable)... all made up, right? Think again. If you're new to American Horror Story, then just be warned - this article is going to be full of show spoilers. You're still here? Good, then you can't say I didn't warn you.


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