10 Reality TV Shows You (Probably) Aren't Watching But Should

catfish tv Reality TV is always going to be a guilty pleasure. When award season comes around we will always declare our love for Mad Men but how many of us pretend we aren€™t actually interested in the Kardashians? Here are some reality shows that we might feel less guilty about watching. Some you may have heard of but some may passed you buy as you watch Gordon Ramsey yell at overweight New Yorkers. Not all reality is pure trash.

10. Face Off (SyFy)

Face Off It€™s like a weekly dose of DVD€™s extras. Make up effects artists battle out by showing a different style of makeup effect from zombies to aliens and the one girl who always makes a fairy. There is a foundation challenge where contestants showcase a tiny bit of their skills before the big Spotlight challenge. The Spotlight is a three day challenge where they are given a theme whether it being where the create lives, who it is for (Tim Burton challenge for example) or what genre it is for. Sure the contestants are wacky but none of them are Real Housewives mad. As you go along the process you actually learn the technique and see how the actors go from human to monster. This show is just as much about showing you the steps in creating make up than the competition itself. You judges are a little better than your usual collection of B listers. They have Oscar winner Ve Neil who has worked with Tim Burton and on The Hunger Games, Buffy€™s Glen Hetrick and film director Patrick Tatopoulos, Paul WS Anderson and Kevin Smith even appear as guest judges. Face Off will be back in the summer. For fans of: Monster Man, Scream Queens

9. Pawn Stars (History)

pawn stars A sleazy version of the Antique Roadshow it€™s filmed in a family run pawn shop in Vegas. Three generations of the Harrison family and some recurring personal look over the more unique items their customers bring in and try to make a great deal with them. The items that they€™ve looked at includes working canons to Willie May€™s San Francisco Giants uniform. Rick Harrison€™s love for the objects brought in makes this a great watch whether it€™s cars or military gear. There is great dynamic between co workers for those who like their reality with a little drama, from the village idiot who knows nothing about that isn€™t pinball or the trouble the ailing Old Man has reading. I€™d also like to give an honourable mention to the History Channels other treasure finding show €˜American Pickers€™ where the charismatic Frank and Mike look around hoarders homes for valuables. For fans of: American Chopper, Antiques Roadshow, Storage Wars

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