10 Reasons Angel Is Better Than Buffy

9. Angel At Its Worst Is Better Than Buffy At Its Worst

Buffy Angel
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Neither Buffy nor Angel were without low moments. When both shows were at the top of their game, it was some of the best TV ever. But when they were bad...oooh boy, were they bad.

For Buffy, this trend really began in the fourth season. The college setting didn't seem like a good fit, which may be why the writers more or less abandoned it in the fifth season. Except they never really found a replacement that worked as well as the Sunnydale High library. And the fifth season found a really big albatross in the form of Buffy's teenage sister, Dawn.

For Angel, it was the fourth season when the show went off the rails. Not only was there far too much focus on Angel's irritating teenage son, Connor, but the direction the writers took Cordelia in pretty much ruined her character.

However, despite the low points of season four, it also had some things that kept it from completely jumping the shark. One of these was the character growth of Wesley (more on this later). Another was the return of Angelus, Angel's soulless dark side. And the decision to bring in both Willow and Faith to help contain him.

But Buffy increasingly seemed to feel directionless, with storylines that felt like the writers were running short on ideas.


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