10 Reasons Disney Plus Will Dominate Netflix

... And everyone else.


There’s been recent criticism of the increasingly overcrowded marketplace of streaming programs, with the whole point revolving around accessibility, and the notion of having everything in one affordable, easy-to-access place.

However, Disney is an entertainment juggernaut. It’s been crushing its competition for years, and now they've picked up Marvel, Star Wars and Fox to become an even larger power. While other platforms have tried to take Netflix down with some slick exclusives (The Grand Tour and American Gods being two of Amazon Prime’s big hitters), Disney+ has some massive properties that are sure to draw audiences in.

They’ve recently revealed a decent chunk of their line up, and it has plenty of ingredients for complete market domination. From housing old classics, golden box sets and funding new projects, Disney+ is coming out swinging.

Netflix, of course, still has potential for every non-Disney movie in existence. For all its size and heft, Disney+ is confined to the Disney brand and its subsidiaries. Originals like BoJack Horseman and Disenchantment (as well as things they claim as Originals but aren’t really like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Riverdale) will remain with Netflix.

The next few years could be very interesting indeed, but Netflix's stock plummeting in the wake of Disney's announcement is likely just the beginning.

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