10 Reasons Why Frasier Is The Best US Sitcom In History

10. The Supporting Cast

The success of any sitcom is down to the world it creates. If we, as viewers, don't want to spend time with these people, we won't watch. Friends did it well but, beyond the six main stars the other characters never really got a look in. Same with The Big Bang Theory. Although they've now added two more female leads, beyond Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, other characters don't really exist. Frasier, clearly taking its lead from Cheers, decided to fully inhabit the world of Frasier Crane with great, fully-rounded characters. Obviously, we'll get on to the family members later but, by taking Frasier away from private practice and into the radio booth, a whole new world opened up. Obviously, we have the brilliant Roz, the radio producer with an eye for the men that starts with the Lupe Velez story in episode one and ends up in tears because she thinks Frasier is dying in the final one. In fact, KACL has a variety characters from several station managers before settling on the sad-sack Kenny and presenters/producers like food critic Gil Chesterton, Star Trek-loving Noel Shempsky and, a particular favourite, Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe ("Guys love me, chicks pretend not to"). Beyond the radio station, there are the variety of love interests for the various members of Frasier's extended family including Ronee, Mel Karnofsky, the lost love Charlotte, Daphne's fiancé Donny Douglas all the way to her huge family including Gertrude and Simon. Even smaller parts like Kirby, Lana and Cam Winston appear fully rounded and are brilliantly acted. Obviously, the over-reliance on slightly muddled British accents can get in the way, but not enough to detract from brilliant comic timing and a whole 'world' of character to spend eleven years with. It obviously helps that a lot of the casting took in actors with experience in theatre and comedy because the comic timing and interplay is always exceptional.
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