10 Reasons Star Trek Enterprise Deserves A Second Chance

Once you get over THAT ending, it's not so bad...

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Enterprise arrived on the heels of the underwhelming finale of Star Trek Voyager. To close that series with a shot of the starship finally arriving back to Earth and then for the audience to be told almost immediately that the next show would go back in time by two hundred years compounded the first set of issues that Enterprise faced. It would be locked in by canon - gone were the Cardassians, the Borg (heh), the Romulans and any of the aliens that were first encountered by Kirk onwards.

So, how did Enterprise combat these issues? While it is fair to say that the show was somewhat mixed and that it's first two seasons probably had more down sides than good, the latter two seasons were excellent, on par with some of the very best that Trek had to offer.

A revisit of the series is more than needed at this point and the lives of the first crew should be addressed as more than throwaway lines in Star Trek Discovery. With strong acting, compelling story-arcs and the Trek franchises's first season-long story, Enterprise has more to offer than what was originally thought.


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