10 Reasons The Americans Is The Best TV Show You've Never Seen

5. Philip And Elizabeth's Relationship


Back to the leads, Philip and Elizabeth have a complicated relationship to say the least.

Rather than falling in love, the two were assigned to be together by their superiors as part of their mission to infiltrate the United States. Though they have two children together, it's clear that the pair don't have a stable relationship. Both were in love with other people before (and after) their assignment, and neither seem to have a problem with having sex with others during their missions.

Still, the two grow together over the course of the series, and despite their rocky marriage, they do care about each other and the children. Along the way, they learn to truly love each other like the married couple they pose as.

Their relationship, shaky though it may be, is very intriguing, and it's every bit as captivating to watch as the espionage.


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