10 Reasons Why We’ve Already Given Up On The Gotham TV Show

With Smallville taking 10 seasons for a costume reveal and Arrow being a glorified male calendar photo-shoot, what hope does Gotham have?

Gotham Logo Everyone loves Batman, but it takes years to put together a Batman movie and fans hungry for more are left waiting and waiting while Warner Bros and DC create the next epic starring The Dark Knight. The solution? Create a weekly Batman TV show! Enter €“ Gotham, which is a TV show set in Gotham City... but without Batman?! TV shows have been getting more and more popular over the years as the quality has gone up and services like Netflix allow viewers to watch on any device they want, wherever and whenever. Both Disney (owners of Marvel) and Warner Bros (owners of DC) have seen the increasing popularity of superhero movies and decided to fill the gaps in between movies with shows like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and the forthcoming Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows, and DC's numerous series' like Arrow and the forthcoming Flash, Constantine, and - arguably the most anticipated - Gotham. But while fans cheered at the announcement of having a TV series starring Jim Gordon that was based upon the critically acclaimed Gotham Central comics and/or Year One, once the initial excitement died down, the reality set in, and that - based upon various news stories coming out about the show - makes Gotham look like it's going to be just terrible. So why will the Gotham TV series likely bomb? Read on...
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