10 Reasons Why Doctor Aphra Deserves A Disney+ Series

Doctor Aphra is a unique Star Wars character who deserves a Disney+ series, animated or live action.

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Star Wars is a massive universe made up of movies, TV series, comics, books, video games and more. Since A New Hope hit movies theatres in 1977, an epic story arc has been building for forty-three years. This included a multi-media Expanded Universe that took fans far beyond the movies.

You didn't need to consume it all to enjoy Star Wars but if you did you were treated to a incredibly detailed narrative.

When Disney took over the reigns of the franchise, the entire Expanded Universe was put out to pasture. The only stories left standing were the six feature films that existed at that point and an animated series called The Clone Wars. But that was only the beginning.

Over time, Disney started building their own Expanded Universe. Some stories and characters from the previous Expanded Universe were adapted for the new one, like Grand Admiral Thrawn. But there were also entirely new characters created for the Disney Expanded Universe, some of whom were absolutely incredible.

One of the best is Doctor Aphra, an archaeologist and criminal who is a master of brilliant schemes. There are a lot of characters who would be great subjects for a Disney+ series, animated or live action, but Doctor Aphra should be high up that list.

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