10 Reasons Why Doctor Aphra Deserves A Disney+ Series

9. Highly Engaging

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When it comes to interesting and unique characters, Doctor Aphra absolutely takes the cake. She's kind of a mix between Han Solo and Indiana Jones, and loves the ladies as much as both of them combined. Giving Aphra her own series would be great for LGBT representation in the Star Wars Universe.

Beyond that, Aphra is an archaeologist who specialises in forgotten technology. More often than not, that technology is some sort of weapon or incredibly violent droid that should have been forgotten. This means not only can the series be about an interesting character, it can also cover a lot of lore without any needless exposition - but rather using artifacts from the universe itself to flesh it out.

As much as she is an archaeologist and an adventurer, Aphra is also a con artist who also always has a grift on the go. Her main goal in life is to be rich, which is hard to do when you perpetually owe dangerous people enough money to choke a bantha. Aphra is a flawed, engaging character who makes the Star Wars Universe just a little grittier and fun, and thus is a prime candidate for a television adaptation.

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